Lydia got her start in print and radio at an early age. As a young teen, Lydia began writing Letters to the Editor and calling into various talk-radio programs on a regular basis. She struck a chord with readers and at the age of nineteen Lydia was selected to write for The Hamilton Spectator’s Community Editorial Board.

During her years at McMaster University, Lydia also worked as a freelance opinion writer. Her fiery pieces appeared in numerous papers across Canada, including The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Montreal Gazette and The Calgary Herald. Lydia was soon offered a regular column with The Toronto Sun, followed by an opportunity to work as a reporter with The Vancouver Province where she helped cover the federal election. (Lydia quickly realized that being a non-biased reporter was, frankly, painful so she returned to the world of opinion writing.)

Lydia wrote a weekly opinion column for The Winnipeg Sun and was a regular contributor to The Vancouver Province for several years. She was also the host of “Sunday Brunch” and “Lydia Live!” on AM 900 CHML.

She is currently enjoying a hiatus to focus on her three young children.

Lydia continues to appear as a guest commentator on a variety of programs, including The BBC, Adler On Line, and The Michael Coren Show. Her writing is generally featured on The Huffington Post and in The Hamilton Spectator.